Baskit $12 Tuesday: Ribbed Brief

Another week, another dollar saved. For the last week of 2014, Baskit is again offering their wildly popular Ribbed Brief for just $12. The ribbed construction is what’s made the style so popular. It gives the underwear an added elasticity, which in turn makes your junk feel comfortably free while you wear them. Yeah, they’re ribbed for your comfort!

Aside from the obvious functional benefits of the Baskit Ribbed Brief’s ribbed material, the fabric also gives the underwear pair a casual aesthetic that made just a tad sporty with the stripe accented waistbands. The brief cut also makes the underwear noticeably breathable and easy to move around in, totally unrestricted.

The Baskit Ribbed Brief has eight different color options, so even if you saved on a pair the last time they were included for the $12 Tuesday, you can still rediscover the love.

Do you own any other pairs of underwear made with ribbed fabric? What underwear look do you hope Baskit includes in the $12 Tuesday deal next? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Baskit

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