aussieBum Pairs To Bring Into The New Year

Trends don’t hit the reset button, they hit rewind and reinvent what we already love. With that in mind, we’ve highlighted aussieBum pairs that are here to stay. The designs we chose are both aussieBum classics and new favorites you should bring into 2015. So whether you’re planning to spend the new year lookin’ cute and handsome or utterly bang-able, aussieBum pairs are still the way to go.

Certain aspects about aussieBum’s 2014 collections will probably still look great in 3014. The Lockerboy Collection brought cute, sporty basics to the brand. The WJ Patriot line was born an all-around staple pair. And then who can forget the Catch Of The Day Collection, and the sexy fishnet that trapped our imagination? We sure as hell didn’t. Each pair on our list is unforgettable, and worth going back to.

How terrible does your underwear have to become for you to throw it out? How often do you buy new underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: aussieBum

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