Andrew Christian Bounce Test Performed By Pablo

If you’re currently enrolled in school, you’re probably in the middle of finals. Take a break from those tests and study the Andrew Christian Bounce Test instead. Pablo Hernandez is the giving the test this time around. Shaking his booty in the Arena Brief and Jock, both made with Show It Tech. And, oh my god, do they show “it.”

Pablo’s got the ass to fill the Arena Brief, and to make us appreciate everything a good jockstrap has to offer (or doesn’t have). He tugs at the jock’s straps to prove they’re durable. Then he turns and sways to show off the sporty colored mesh panels. The fabric combination and stylish color blocking make the Andrew Christian Arena line a style worth jumping on. And tanks to Pablo Hernandez and his assets, we know it’s worth bouncing in too.

How do you think the Andrew Christian Arena Brief did on the bounce test? How do you think Pablo did giving it? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Video Credit: Andrew Christian

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