25 Stocking Stuffers Under $25, Dec. 6: PUMP! Fever Jock

Stocking stuffer pick number 6? The PUMP! Fever Jock. This is another pick that’s both athletic and sexy thanks to its mesh. But it’s the PUMP! waistband that makes it such a bold look. The colors draw attention to the red mesh pouch, and the brand name alone makes us think “masculinity.” We also think about their more daring styles like this one. They’re skimpy, but the hottest college jock would still wear them. Because of that, we think the brand deserves its exclamation point.

Dec. 6: PUMP! Fever Jock – ($22)

Who you should give it to: Your brother from another mother, or most athletic cousin. 

Why we want it in our stocking: The PUMP! Fever Jock is hot, and not something you give to shier, more timid people on your list. This is for that cousin who’s always in the spotlight, the athlete whose games you were always dragged to. You could also give it to your closest male friend, if he’s cool. This dramatic and masculine style is made from 64% nylon, 19% cotton, and 17% spandex. It makes the mesh pouch comfortable stretchy, something any guy will appreciate. And even where there isn’t fabric, the straps will give his butt a nice lift. It’s probably best to let him find that out for himself though. 

What the card should say: Uh, so I’m sure you weren’t expecting me to get you underwear for Christmas, let alone one that doesn’t have an ass.  But I know you, man. You’ll either love how sexy this is and wear it all the time. Or you’ll love how sexy this is and save it for special overnight guests.

Available colors: Only one


What is your favorite thing about this jockstrap? Is someone getting the PUMP! Fever Jock from you this year? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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