Tani Winter Luxury, Looks For The Cabin Camper

Wearing Tani winter looks on a posh camping trip would only extend what it means to retreat. If you’re escaping to the middle of nowhere, hide away in luxury. Imagine it — you’re in a log cabin, its snowing and the fireplace is crackling. Tani’s high end fabrics are wrapped around you. You don’t need a blanket, just modern classics and elegant microfiber loungewear. One layer for all the season’s warmth and style.

Tani’s winter-ready wear includes some looks from their Fall/Winter 2014 Collection as well as go-to staples capable of handling anything — not that you’ll be battling harsh temperatures in a cozy cabin, bear rug and all. Hands down, the best thing you could take is thermal loungewear. It’s perfect for lounging around and staying warm. There is no need for layers, just one with a handsome cut. Or maybe it never snows where you are. Keep doing what you’re doing — stick to their shirts and underwear cuts with more coverage. Classy thin underwear from their Everyday SilkTouch collection also gets a space in our weekend bad. Or for a little more warmth, stick to Swiss cotton.

What Tani looks would you pack for a cabin camping trip? Are you more of a tent camper? Let us know in comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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