Show Off, Arik Owen’s Dark Side Brings A Bright Idea

When in doubt, always opt for black underwear. It comes off more sophisticated than a white pair will, and the sexy touch of darkness will not only attract glances, but likely add confidence and attitude to your step. This’ll especially happen if you let your waistband show. Arik Owen does in the “Show Off” photo shoot by Jerrad Matthew, and the dual tone black waistband on the PUMP! Black Ninja Boxer is as slick as they come.

As dark as it is, the black-on-black text and elastic is a bright idea. It’s camouflaged even more by the black jeans that hang on Arik’s hips. The metallic belt buckle brings you in, and then the PUMP! waistband grabs your eyes as if to say, “you know you don’t want to look anywhere else.”

There is no denying that the PUMP! Ninja waistbands are kind of classy. Still, the large brand name (always printed with an exclamation point, mind you) gives that classy exterior an elegant and dark edge. PUMP! says ninja, we say Bruce Wayne/Batman. And then for an even sexier touch. Arik lets his pants fall a little further. Now we’re seeing some performance quality mesh — don’t even get us started.

Are there any waistbands in your underwear drawer that you hope peak out from your layers? Does black dominate your underwear collection? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: PUMP!

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew

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