The Clever Houston Boxer Collection, Smooth To The Touch

If you’re looking for something that is sporty and comfy, give the Clever Houston Boxer collection a try!

This is one smooth boxer collection ($29.48). Made from a blend of 94% cotton and 6% spandex, it will keep your business safe and dry all day long, no matter what you put it through. The mesh crotch pouch also helps with air flow and ventilation, while the elastic logo waistband holds the underwear in place. This is a boxer brief made for athletes, or those who end up in heated situations where sweat prevails. It will help wick away any moisture, while the double layer mesh helps the body breath. The collection comes in red and blue color ways, with the majority of the look in black. The color is found in the elastic waistband and the contour of the pouch, while white leg trimmings give the complete look some extra contrast.

How sporty are you? Are you still searching for the perfect pair of underwear to get you through an intense workout? Would you give the Clever Houston Boxer a try? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

The Clever Houston Boxer collection is available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Clever

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