The Candyman Campaign Is A Psychedelic Funhouse

Candyman is one underwear brand that not only enjoys having fun, but knows how to do it!

In this Candyman campaign, model photos show off the more vibrant, party-ready underwear designs. They shine against glowing neon projected backgrounds — imagine going to the carnival or circus that is based around EDM music. This is one psychedelic funhouse you don’t want to miss. How could you with such an invitation?

Going along with the photo shoot’s rave theme, Candyman highlights — or rather, illuminates — its pairs of underwear with neon accents, and shimmers of metallic detail. We enjoy the themed underwear that comes from Candyman. This time, they’ve taken a generation of partiers and ravers as inspiration, and created an amazing collection out of their glowing experience.

Candyman has an affinity for music, we’ve seen in previous campaigns and model pics. This collection echoes the brand’s love for currently trending sounds — the EDM scene, house and tribal beats, etc. We need more of this underwear in our life, especially the next time we hit up Electric Carnival, Coachella, and Electric Zoo.

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Photo Credit: Candyman

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