7 Jocks For The Season: aussieBum Gladiator Jockstrap

We’ve been seeing so many fantastic jockstraps this season, we thought it would be best to roundup our top 7 jocks! These are the jockstraps you should be wearing all winter long. Even if they give minimal coverage, they are still super hot, and may encourage others to help keep you warm.

Our countdown starts with the aussieBum Gladiator Jockstrap, designed to help unleash your inner warrior. Inspired by Roman gladiators, this is far from your typical jock. This look is designed without straps, and has more of a cup action going on at the front. The all black jockstrap is topped off with a golden elastic waistband with the brand name repeating in black, as well as some Roman-esque designs thrown in.

Made from a 87% micro modal and 13% elastane fabric blend, it will remain comfortably on your waist. They’re also likely to give you a slight mischievous feeling. When we see this jockstrap, we think of being up to no good. That is why this is the perfect jockstrap to begin our 7 jock round up.

Go on and let out a rebel yell while wearing the aussieBum Gladiator Jockstrap. The jock will feel great on you and you’ll feel great about wearing it! Give our first selection a try, and then let us know what you thought by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: aussieBum