Shop Talk: Marco Marco, With Marco Morante

Marco Marco

Marco Marco’s underwear is wild, dynamic, and pleasantly outrageous. Like a shot of adrenaline to your style, these looks have enough energy to get you pumped and feeling sexy enough to serve up some body-ody-ody. But of course they do. The Hollywood-based brand is powered by designer Marco Morante who has been consulting with “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” since its premier season. It’s apparent, and it seems like the glamorous and eccentric style of the queens have rubbed off on Marco Marco’s underwear collections.

It was during the third season of “Drag Race” that Marco Marco Underwear really took off, albeit in a somewhat unexpected way. “[They] asked me to create a line of crazy undies for the Pit Crew to wear on each episode of Season 3 that it started to become a real thing,” Morante tells us. “I played around with different cuts and styles for a long time, ’til I finally landed on something I liked.”

Those looks were spotted through Season 3 and people started to notice them. The pit crew is there to be started at, sure, but more and more people where looking toward their waistbands and the uniquely dramatic designs. But these eye-catching undies weren’t initially for sale. And this did not sit very well with budding fans of the brand.

“We were literally getting harassed about not selling the undies,” Morante says. “I guess we kinda got bullied into it by our future clients.”

After the overwhelming positive response, the looks starting becoming a brand. Morante admits that this aspect of his work has a bit of a learning curve to it. Previously, he would design each look one by one, making each custom, and by hand. But that was when the entire demand for Marco Marco was coming from “Drag Race” and being worn by the pit crew. Now the demand is much more, and making hundreds of the looks has proven tricky.

When asked about the manufacturing process, Morante says “It’s a f***’in nightmare, or maybe I’m just not used to it yet.  I have always made everything custom, one piece at a time, so making hundreds of something has definitely been a learning process.”

Even so, the brand’s affinity for the loud and groundbreaking remains at the forefront. Their waistband is recognizable enough, but even in the dark of a nightclub you could pick out a Marco Marco look. Their underwear and leggings feature distractingly vibrant patterns that will effortlessly turn heads. Because chances are, whoever is checking you out has never seen such unique style.

“I try as much as possible to use all custom prints that we develop in studio.  We offer several unique cuts, and I think that our leggings are pretty singular,” says Morante. And he’s right. Their leggings are unlike anything we’ve seen. Picture looking at a rainbow, through a kaleidoscope, while dropping acid. It’s very that, buzzing with energetic sex appeal. And this singularity looks to be something that fuels the brand’s fire.

“I’m working on a lot of new styles as well as more accessories, hats, all kinds of new products that I’m really excited to get out…,” Morante says, “and we might be working on our next proper fashion show. That’s exciting for me.”

It’s exciting for us too.

What are you favorite Marco Marco looks, and what is you favorite thing about the brand? Do you remember seeing Marco Marco looks on the pit crew from Season 3 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race? Let us know by commenting below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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