Ride The Papi Waves Collection


Don’t let this collection of underwear fool you, while it may look as sleek as a wetsuit, the Papi Waves collection is still totally beach friendly!

The collection is made from a 88% polyester and 12% spandex blend. Why did we think these were a wetsuit at first? The material offers a four-way stretch; it’s also quick drying and has moisture wicking powers. The three collections are all designed with a black middle seam in the pouch and plush rear straps to make the beach booty pop. They also feature Papi’s signature bolded logo in the crazy soft elastic waistband.

Are you more of a shortboard or longboard person? Not sure? Papi’s latest collection has three different lengths depending on your comfort level. The Waves Brazilian Trunk ($24) is the longest look in the collection with its sexy and modern fit. The trunk has supportive seams around the legs and it goes even further to look out for your safety and comfort with trimming around the pouch. Coming up next is the Waves Euro Trunk ($22) which is just a bit shorter than the Brazilian look but has the most streamlined design. Instead of a middle trim, they are found on the sides which makes the bold colors found in the body stand out. The shortest and most fun of the collection is the Waves Thong ($18). It may look simple, but this thong packs a heavy punch.

What makes this collection great are the five different color blocking designs. Either in Blue Mischief, Deep Green, Ebony, Heat or Intensity, each one has a dark shade of its main color with a lighter shade splitting the top. Kowabunga dude!

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