Rattle It Off In The Jor Shake Collection

Jor Shake Collection

You’ll be channeling Harry Belafonte himself when you shake, shake, shake shake your body line in the Jor Shake Collection. Included in the collection are briefs ($21.90) and boxer briefs ($22.90), two looks that will turn your bum into a rattlesnake tail. People should take notice; in these, you’ll bite.

Much of the Jor Shake Collection has what you’d expect: the fabric is a blend of 94% cotton and 4% spandex, which is Jor’s typical blend. The waistband is wide, in a contrasting monotone color, and with the Jor logo across it. The pouch is center-seamed with piping contours up the inside of your hip joint to create a more versatile pouch. The backside is center-seamed as well to make sure you always look your sculpted best.

It is the color and design of the Jor Shake Collection that makes them truly stand out, though. The mint or pink look, which is striped lightly across the underwear, gives the entire thing an antique look that will draw onlookers in and a sharp sexy cut that will bite when they’re close. A rattle snake can shake it’s tail, why can’t you in the Jor Shake briefs and boxer briefs, available in pink with a black band or mint with a dark blue band?

Looks in the Jor Shake Collection are available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Jor