Oh Murray Swanby, You’re So Hot

Murray Swanby has a face that is utterly charming and a body that is instantly desirable. He is one of Andrew Christian’s more well-known faces and has been with the brand for a while now. We’ve gotten to see a lot of Murray during that time, from roller skate-inspired shoots to shots of him eating cupcakes and lollipops in the sexiest way possible. But we still want to see more of Murray. And we probably always will.

From what we can see in his photo shoots, Murray Swanby is versatile. We mean that in the sense that he can pull of so many looks and so many attitudes, of course. Or is it all the same, sexy attitude? Either way, Murray can switch from being a heartthrob to a sexial deviant, or mix a little of both. In the gallery below, you can see him looking yummy and boyish all cuddled up with another model. But in the gallery below, you can also see him with kinky straps wrapped around him. He still has that boyish charm, but that innocence is long gone. In fact, it is nowhere to be found. Murray Swanby is too sexy for innocent to ever show up in his photos. And believe us, that is a good thing.

Check out the gallery below to see more of Murray Swanby in sexy looks from Andrew Christian, and in nothing but his skin. Is Murray Swanby one of your favorite Andrew Christian guys? What is your favorite AC photo shoot that includes Murray? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

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