GO Green Fit: Shoulder Taps

This Instagram workout video is one of the more intense ones. This time around, the trainer combines L-sit toes-to-bars, weighted ring dips (with a 10 second hold), and then 25lb. weighted vest shoulder taps. Clearly strength is a crucial component here, and the workout is one that hits several different parts of your body.

The L-sit toes-to-bar work you core and are difficult to perform. It hurts just to watch the trainer do them. Weighted ring dips also work your upper body, especially with the added weight. Shoulder taps are typically performed in a horizontal position on the ground. But if you watch the video, our trainer does them while doing a handstand against a wall. This is more difficult, obviously, in that balance now plays a greater part in executing each rep.

What do you think of this intense workout? Have you ever done sets of shoulder taps during a rough gym session? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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