GO Green Fit: Ball Core Exercises

This video is all about medicine ball core exercises. Medicine balls are relatively easy to use, and your abs are difficult to work. So if you are just beginning to sculpt out your stomach, these could be great tools for getting into shape. Our go-to crossfit trainer combines three exercises. First, he does 50 medicine ball sit-ups, and then moves on to 50 medicine ball Russian twists. And then for the third medicine ball core exercise, he does 50 ball slams.

The Russian twist is an exercise that targets areas on the side of your abs in addition to those 6 everyone is working on. Using a medicine ball to perform sit-ups is also a great idea because it adds more resistance and thus require more strength. The ball slams work your back, and if you watch the video, the trainer is doing something a little different by not letting go of the ball.

What the video to see demonstrations of medicine ball core exercises. Which of the three is the most difficult for you? How about the easiest? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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