Even Atoms Get Their Own Underwear: The Timoteo Proton Glow Collection

Timoteo Proton Glow

The brand new Timoteo Proton Glow Collection is the hyper-colorized, latest line from Timoteo and includes a booty thong, Parisian brief, trainer jock, athletic jock, and super low brief — each for $22.00. The many elements of creating this fantastic collection might be as difficult as rocket science, but that singular pricing sure isn’t.

The Timoteo Proton Glow Collection is made from a blend of 54% rayon, 40% polyester and 6% spandex. Of course one should only expect space age fabric when it comes to a name that pays homage to the tiny electrical charges flying around the very stuff we are made of.

A proton is, of course, the positive charge that gives atoms and molecules their ability to function. And the Timoteo Proton Glow is charged in order to let you do what you need to. The fabric is body-hugging and the various cuts are malleable and allow for stunning movement. Each pouch is anatomically designed, and each seat is built to give the utmost support. We’re talking serious science and engineering here.

The waistband is wide with several neon stripes across it. The stripes will catch any black light (and also the eye of anyone interested in doing some ‘scientific’ experiments). Each look is designed to function magnificently. The Parisian brief is a hybrid jock front with a low cut back. The athletic jock is a blend of jock back with brief front. All pouches are center seamed to give a little extra room and a lot more support. Looks in the Timoteo Proton Glow Collection are made in the USA, bringing engineering, science, and fashion back to our shores.

The Timotwo Proton Glow Collection is available white with neon pink and purple, or black with neon green. All looks in the collection are available in XS-XL.

Do you remember your grade school science? Who discovered protons? And if protons are the positive electrical charge, do you remember what the negative charged particles are called?  Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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