Bodyaware Booty2, The Short Short 4 U

Bodyaware Booty2 Short

George Costanza let us know how much he loved velvet by proclaiming “I could wrap myself in velvet.” That sounds nice, honestly, but for us, the Bodyaware Booty2 Short ($22.95) proves once and for all that we could wrap ourselves in terry cloth. So we’ve forgotten that velvet jumpsuit, and we’ve opted for the 100% cotton, distressed, and super comfortable Bodyaware Booty2 Short.

The Bodyaware Booty2 Short has been designed with a special 3-D pouch that accentuates your size while giving you more room for comfort and space. The shorts themselves are abbreviated, which means the legs pull up at the sides ever so slightly to give it curves that highlight all of you.

The waistband on the Bodyaware Booty2 Short is super wide – wider than a 70’s tie knot – and can be worn normally or flipped over to shorten the length of the shorts. This is a great detail, because how much thigh you show is up to you! The design is simple: the color is crisp and solid, and a bold number 68 on the side leg gives the look some sexy, athletic nostalgia,

The Bodyaware Booty2 Short comes in orange, white, crimson, light green, sand, mint, and pink and in is available in sizes XS-XL.

Check out the gallery below to see more of the Bodyaware Booty2 Short, its great colors and its sexy cut. Which of the colors would you want to makeyour booty pop? What other materials would you wrap yourself in? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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