The Best Luxury Underwear Collections

Luxury Underwear Collections

Everyone likes to live in luxury from time to time, whether its a vacation or an expensive meal. But when it comes to luxury underwear collections, ‘luxury’ takes a whole other turn. Having something luxurious hugging the more intimate parts of your body can completely change the way you go about your day. Not to mention, the seal the deal when it comes to formal occasions, where signs of class and sophistication are a must. This is our list of the best luxury underwear collections. Check it out.

6. 2(X)IST TUX Collection

The 2(X)IST TUX Collection features waistbands inspired by cummerbunds. If that doesn’t imply some sort of elegance, what does? The looks are made from 96% Tencel and 4% spandex. The line includes to pairs of underwear with satin in-set stripes running down the legs. There is also a V-neck with a really classy satin-trimmed neckline.

5. Derek Rose 

Derek Rose itself is a brand of luxury apparel, so every pair underwear look you get from them is considered a luxury pair. The brand is reputable for its use of fine fabrics, all of which are meticulously sewn and altered into the stunning looks we’ve come to love.

4. Mosmann LUXE Collection

The Mosmann LUXE Collection is another luxury underwear collection that’s claim to fame comes from the fabric. Mosmann employs micromodal in its designs for a fit that is cool and dry in addition to being elegantly soft. But this luxury line is unique in that its unafraid to play with patterns.

3. Timoteo Luxury Mesh Collection

This is what happened the night after Luxury met and fell in love with Sexy. The Timoteo Luxury Mesh Collection offers looks with cotton pouches and mesh bodies. The designs are great for any occasion, from a gym session to a black tie event. Who cares if ‘luxury’ isn’t usually so provocative?

2. Charles Owo

Charles Owo is another luxury brand that produces nothing but sophistication. Their underwear looks have incredibly tasteful patterns and handsome solid colors. The New York-based company has its hands on a lot more than underwear, too.

1. Tani Luxuriance Collection

Tani is an incredible brand that brings out-of-this-world comfort into your pants with the absolute best materials. The Tani Luxuriance Collection is dense yet lightweight for a classy, sleek fit. And their fabrics — Micro Modal Air and Micro Modal Rainbow, two advanced superfine fibers that are not only beautiful, but long-lasting. Because if luxury can do one thing besides make a statement, it can stand the test of time.

For more information on these brands: Charles Owo, Derek Rose, Mosmann, Tani, Timoteo, 2(X)IST

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Photo Credit: Charles Owo, Derek Rose, Mosmann, Tani, Timoteo, 2(X)IST