9 Mosmann Prints To Leave Your Boring Undies For

Mosmann Prints

People still have boring  pairs of underwear rotating through their drawer and the wash, and we at The Underwear Expert have no idea why. Underwear brands such as Mosmann are stellar when it comes to producing looks that are anything but boring. In particular, Mosmann combats boring with underwear looks that feature bright and unique prints and colors. This is our list of 9 Mosmann prints you’ll want to leave your boring underwear for.

1. Fiesta


The Fiesta print resembles fish scales and comes in shades of blue and green. The pattern itself is done in white, which serves as a nice contrast to whatever color you choose the short to be.

2. Score


The Score print is obviously inspired by a soccer ball, but if it wasn’t for that sporty ‘AUSTRALIA’ printed on the back and waistband, the look could’ve been taken for a honeycomb. The green and yellow are also a great color combo for this look.

3. Neon


The Neon pattern is the most colorful Mossman print at the moment. The stripes are incredibly stylish and make good use of every color includes in the design. The Neon print also comes in both a brief and a boxer. But the boxer has more room to rock all that color.

4. Tee Pee


The Tee Pee print has a fun, zig zag pattern that comes in either blue and yellow or orange and white. The pattern is another seen on both briefs and boxers. Both color combinations look great together, and the waistband always matches the underwear body.

5. Reuben


You really can’t go wrong with black and white, unless it’s boring. The Reuben print features a black body with white polka dots. The look is timeless and sophisticated, and looks great on both the brief and boxer. This look is sleek too, and can pass for being the higher end of casual.

6. Sierra


Putting an attractive spin on camouflage, the Sierra print also comes in two colors on both briefs and boxers. The blue variation has a cooler feel, with black accenting shades of blue. The green look is more earthy and includes brown in the pattern.

7. Laike


The Laike print also does stripes the right way. The light grey and blue version is gorgeous and elegant with a classy metallic waistband. The orange and blue is more vibrant, and has an orange waistband that also packs a punch. Not as colorful as the Neon print, but just as strong.

8. Leroux


The Leroux print is arguably the most sophisticated of the Mosmann prints. The look comes in orange and blue and features a designs of small dashes that accent the underwear body. For the blue pair, the dashes are black. For the orange, they are white. Not pictured above, this print is also available in white with blue dashes.

9. Agua


Again, Mosmann prints really hit home with the stripes. The Agua stripes use dual tones of blue, black and white to make a casual pair of underwear that is still fashion-friendly, and anything but boring. The whole thing is aquatic feeling, after all the print is named after water.

Which of the 9 Mosmann prints in our list is your favorite? How many boring pairs of underwear are you planning on throwing away? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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