7 Hoodies For Back-To-School Style


Who doesn’t love a good hoodie? Now that summer is on its way out, tis the season for back to school shopping. And everyone needs hoodies in their wardrobe. Sure we at The Underwear Expert are all about what happens under your pants, but a lot of our favorite brands also design tops and hoodies that are perfect for casually and effortlessly owning the halls of your school. Besides, no one wants to go back wearing the same clothes as they did last year. This is our list of the best hoodies by some of our favorite underwear brands.

1. Teamm8 Goal Hoodie


The Teamm8 Goal Hoodie is a look you can just imagine wearing every day until it was “your thing.” The look is classic and sporty and comes in two color options. The navy is accented with red and white, and the grey with blue and white. Sleeveless hoodies are also a charming way to add layers to your look, and make simple additions when they have a zipper.

2. PUMP! Beach Hood Tank


The PUMP! Beach Hood Tank would be a deviously sexy way to make a comeback this school year. Now available in 4 colors, the looks are made from a mesh material that is just slightly revealing. All 4 make great use of their contrasting colors, and each is also sleeveless.

3. Andrew Christian Scoop Neck Hoodie Tee


The Andrew Christian Scoop Neck Hoodie Tee is a cute look that has all the makings of your new favorite outfit. The scoop neck is super sexy, especially if you spent the summer working on your chest. The purple stripes also look great, and the fit is lightweight and flattering. This one does have sleeves, but they are short enough to make sure your biceps still silently coax compliments out of people.

4. Teamm8 Combat Hoodie


The Teamm8 Combat Hoodie is super casual and masculine, and comes in two shades of grey. Each one has some camouflage detailing on the inside of the hood, around the waistband, and on the linings of the pockets. This hoodie also has a zipper, making it a great way to layer up.

5. Nasty Pig Streamline Hoodie


The Nasty Pig Streamline Hoodie is definitely an attention-getter. The look is made from a double-faced fabric — one side is mesh, and the other a lightweight cotton fleece. The waist is also without ribbing, which gives the look a more casual feel. The Nasty Pig emblem on the front is also done in a minimal yet bold way.

6. aussieBum Establishment Footy Hoodie


This is a definitely one of the more sporty hoodies. The aussieBum Establishment Footy Hoodie is a trendy take on a rugby jersey. Each color option has contrasting sleeves that match the emblem on the front of the hoodie, and the hood itself matches the body of the look. The best thing about this hoodie though is all that European athleticism that we’re picking up on.

7. Andrew Christian Blaze Sleeveless Hoodie


Now this is a sleeveless hoodie. The Andrew Christian Blaze Sleeveless Hoodie is a limited edition look that is made from a terry cloth material (60% cotton, 40% polyester) that will give you a little warmth. Of course, the look is sleeveless so the warmth won’t be too hot, temperature-wise. But otherwise, this look is burning hot! The black hoodie has some great neon pops of color on the trim and and the AC laurel cross logo on the chest.

Do you love to rock a hoodie when going to class during the school year? Which of the hoodies included in our list was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Nasty Pig, PUMP!, Teamm8

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Nasty Pig, PUMP!, Teamm8