ZOOMP! It’s The Lupo Zoomp Microfiber Brief

Lupo Zoomp Microfiber Brief

Onomatopoeias have never been as fun as they are with the Lupo Zoomp Microfiber Brief ($21.00). This Brazilian brand’s colorful selection of briefs pack a punch that is expressed not just in their name, but in the electrifying lightning bolt that adorns their waistband.

Comfort meets style with the nylon, elastane, and polyester blend of the Lupo Zoomp Microfiber Briefs. They are designed to fit so that they move when you do. There’s no stretching, slipping, or bunching. Instead you get to feel as if you have a second skin — and one that looks like a superhero’s attire … or professional wrestler … or both!).

When it comes to design, the Lupo Zoomp Microfiber Brief is seamless. Yes, both the pouch and backside are without any seams. They are single unit briefs. In other brands that might prove a problem, but with these it is their strength. And that’s what they are: strong enough to support you in one fluid design.

The waistband has a medium width, with a contrasting checkered band and a single highlighted racing stripe at the top. And in case anyone forgets their name, the word “ZOOMP” is prsent in block lettering right across the front, just above the belly button. And then there is the lightning bolt. The two together make us think that this must be the sound a lightning bolt makes when it strikes in Brazil! ZOOMP!

The Lupo Zoomp Microfiber Briefs are available in white, yellow, magenta, black, and blue. They come in sizes S, M, L, and XL.

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