Work All Night And a-Drink-a-Rum In The AussieBum Calypso


Everything about the color-blocked, retro-styled, draw-stringed aussieBum Calypso ($42.69) screams summer, drinking rum, listening to Harry Belafonte and forgetting all about the urban world you’ve left behind. Incidentally, Belafonte’s famous song Day-O (which inspired the title of this post) is subtitled The Banana Boat Song. Which is spot-on, seeing as The aussieBum Calypso is the perfect boat for your banana.

The swim briefs are a blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex so you get hip hugging quality as well as perfect quick drying ability. The pouch is naturally designed to keep you in place but hides its seams and contouring well because of its color blocked patterns. Best of all is the drawstring front. It’s a latch style with double ringlets for a little extra tug across the waist.

And then there’s the bum. aussieBum has finally doubled down on their name by putting it across the seat of the swimmers in surfer style lettering. When you’re wearing the aussieBum Calypso swim briefs two things will never be in question: 1 that you’re dressed for the best summer ever, and 2. that you’re having it in aussieBum.

The aussieBum Calypso Swimmers are available in sizes XS-XXL.

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Photo Credit: aussieBum

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