This Week In Men’s Underwear – July 30 2014

july 30 2014

This week in men’s underwear was all about comfort. From tops to bottoms, brands released their comfiest collections that kept their cool in the summer — and will continue to keep you warm into the colder months. aussieBum has been getting ready for the fall with the release of new hoodies while Calvin Klein has been rolling out many collections of woven and knit underwear. See what other collections of underwear and tops we can’t wait to jump into in this week in men’s underwear – July 30 2014.

2(X)IST made back to school shopping so much easier with the full Essential collection release.
aussieBum warmed us up withe the Establishment Footy Hoodie, a must for fall. 
Bodyaware’s Change Your Spot collection had us spotting the bulging goods.
Calvin Klein released two collections last week, the Knit Slim Fit Boxer and Dual Tone collections, both will have your backside feeling cozy.
Cocksox also released a collection of form fitted tank tops with the CXA09N collection.
Derek Rose’s Double Mercerized Cotton collection will have you sleeping peacefully and the Pure Cotton collection steps up your sleepwear game.
Diesel released two great collections of underwear. Check out the hip Trent Brief and the bold Fresh and Bright Divine Trunk collections.
Jor took a dip in Rio de Janeiro with the Carioca Swimwear collection.
Lupo’s ZOOMP collection is a brand new venture for the Brazilian underwear company.
Mundo Unico made men’s underwear exciting again with the Amazonia collection.
N2N’s LA Cruze Swim Bikini collection instantly makes us want to jump in a plane and head West.
PUMP! updated their Jogger collection with refreshing color combinations.

For more information on the brands: 2(X)IST, aussieBum, Bodyaware, Calvin Klein,Cocksox, Derek Rose, Diesel, Jor, Lupo, Mundo Unico, N2N and PUMP!

Photo Credit: aussieBum, Bodyaware, PUMP!, N2N, Cocksox, Unico Mundo and Derek Rose