Happy Socks Argyle Sock, A Pattern Staying In Style

Happy Socks Argyle

Lots of things go out of style. Big collars and fat ties. Paisley shirts. Those hats with the propellers built into the top. But not argyle, and certainly not the Happy Socks Argyle Sock ($12.00). We’re used to Happy Socks being a bit silly, but with the Happy Socks Argyle Sock, they bring their silly youthfulness to an older and more respected design with grace and verve. Even the most uptight businessman would feel jubilant in any one of the looks from the Happy Socks Argyle Socks Collection.

The socks are made from a fabric blend of 80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane, as always. The sock rides a quarter up the calf, just below the bell. They have a formed heel, and a lined toe so your foot will slip right in, and then right into whatever shoes you decide to rock.

The design coloring and stitching is what you’d expect from basic argyle, except with the Happy Socks Argyle Sock, the bottom of the foot is color blocked to heighten the outlines of your never-been-so-happy feet.

The Happy Socks Argyle Sock is available in a range of colors (check out our gallery below to choose your favorite) and comes in sizes 9-11 and 10-13.

Pop quiz for all you culture and history nerds: The Argyle Pattern originates from where? Let us know if you found the answer, and what you think of the Happy Sock Argyle Socks, by commenting below or tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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