The Cocksox CSX65 Boxer Brief: Classic, Contemporary, Cool


The Cocksox CSX65 Boxer Brief ($31.66) is a new spin on an old favorite. These classic cut boxer briefs are more than just a standard pair of underwear, however. Designed with you in mind they are bringing the classic look but doing it with a contemporary swing.

When’s the last time you really checked out a pair of Y-front boxers? The Cocksox CSX65 Boxer Brief is a Y-Front but it’s not what you think. The black piping makes it look great, and the wider round design puts the hole well to the side. It creates a pouch that is more spacious, less irritating, but still easy to use when you need it.

As with every look from them, The Cocksox CSX65 Boxer Brief is made from 92% supplex and 8% lycra and feels as good as always against the skin. Soft, cool, and light is what they are going for both in style and touch. The line son the Cocksox CSX65 are something to write home about as well. The pouch is center seamed and the back is seamed to support your backside. There is no center-seam there. Instead the seam follows the curves of your behind so that you have support whenever and however you need it. It comes in red, green, and blue.

The Cocksox CS65 Boxer Brief is in sizes S-XL.

With such a unique Y-front we’re not sure it looks like a Y. Take a look at them. What do you see? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert

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Photo Credit: Cocksox

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