The 2014 Dsquared2 Underwear Campaign

The 2014 campaign for Dsquared2 Underwear is incredibly hot, and just a tad kinky. Featuring three ripped and sexy models — Matt Woodhouse, Ryan Bertroche, and Travis Hanson — the photo shoot manages to capture a ton of sex appeal in a small amount of photographs. Each model has their chance to steal the limelight, and each brings an attitude that is more to-the-point than provocative; it’s inviting.

Every shot showcases the models in a pair of basic white briefs. And in three of the four shots, the guys wear hats that seem to suggest they were, at one time, wearing a uniform. But those clothes are long gone, and their muscles and underwear are all we can take in. The one shot that doesn’t feature a hat has a model on his knees. He is very serene, and it looks like he is praying. The shot itself is beautiful, and the most reserved of the bunch. The other three shots though are wild and seductive, though. A little hat can go a long way.

Look through the gallery below to see more of the models in the Dsquared2 Underwear campaign. Which photo gets you closest to picking up a pair of Dsquared2 underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Steven Klein