The Stealth Of Papi


In this day and age, if we were to take one guess at what underwear Bond, James Bond wears, it would be Papi.

This guess comes to us for a number of reasons, but mostly after seeing this exclusive photo shoot by photographer Andrew Werner. Going down the list of connections to 007, the first thing that comes to mind is the underwear’s functionality. The Miami based brand has even created specialty collections that each serve their own purpose. Think of each individual collection as one of Mr. Bond’s gadgets that are constantly saving his butt. The Microfusion Performance line will help keep you cool in sticky situations while the 100% cotton stretch will bend and move with your body as you carefully avoid drawing attention to yourself.

In our photo shoot, we placed the model behind a slick curtain, giving him and the underwear a shroud of mystery, like the international spy himself. Featuring the Microfusion Perfromance Diamonds and brand new Waves collections, the underwear totally takes on an air of confidence, while still showcasing our number one reason for being Bond’s choice of underwear. Sex appeal.

Papi is notoriously known for having some of the sexiest cuts, colors, and designs of underwear on the market. The many striped collections always compliment a man’s waist and the package that is below. If James Bond is going to wear the sharpest suits, he better wear the most fashionable underwear underneath! Papi underwear would get him through every mission and it will always help him get the girl — although he’s never had trouble with that before.

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For more information on the brand: Papi

Photo Credit: Andrew Werner

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