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If you’re sad the World Cup is over, don’t worry, there’s always footy. Don’t know what footy is? Why, it’s Aussie Rules Football (and sometimes rugby … which does have a World Cup). And if you’re going to be quenching your sports enthusiasm in the world of down-under sports, then there’s no better top to wear than the AussieBum Establishment Hoodie.  It’s the perfect top for playing a bit of footy … or climbing mountains just to catch a game.

The Aussiebum Establishment Footy Hoodie is 100% cotton. It’s cool and soft on the skin, perfect when you’re getting hit by freight train-sized men who aren’t even wearing padding. It has 3/4 sleeves that stop at the forearm in traditional style, as well as a traditional non-affiliated rugby pattern on the chest. The design spans across your pecs so when you’re playing you’re best, you’ll definitely feel like a superhero in the Aussiebum Establishment Hoodie.

And of course, the AussieBum Establishment Hoodie has a hood that matches the coloring of the hoodie. It is a lighteight hood, soft and free flowing, with just enough reach to help keep you warm when you’re on the sidelines, waiting to get back into the game. The AussieBum Establishment Hoodie is slimming as well, and it’s colored core and white sleeves will accentuate your form in ways we’re sure you’ll like.

The AussieBum Establishment Hoodie is available in black, sky blue, or natural red and comes in sizes S-XL.

Think you’d try and follow a game or two of Aussie Rules Footy if you got yourself one of the AussieBum Establishment Footy Hoodies? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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