In The Splash Zone With The 2(X)IST Swimwear Campaign

Andre Ziehe is front and center in the new photos and video from 2(X)IST, showing off their latest and hottest swimwear looks. The new 2(X)IST swimwear campaign features trunks that sit high up on your thighs for a look that asks for and receives attention, rather than screaming for it. Andre has some killer thighs too, and they look so sexy and touchable in the still shots. But Andre also runs along the water in the video from the 2(X)IST swimwear campaign. After seeing these bad boys in action, particularly worn by Andre Ziehe, you’ll be itching to get wet.

Standing in the low surf, Andre poses in four different swim looks from 2(X)IST, his shirt only on for one of them. The 2(X)IST swimwear campaign for 2014 is something he pulls off effortlessly. The looks are all crisp and clean and revealing without being overly sexual. Unless a guy with a body like Andre’s is wearing them, then the sex appeal is obviously turned to 10. The video though is the best part — it is entirely hypnotizing to see Andre take off his shirt and run around in 2(X)IST swimwear. He is the guy you see at the beach from a distance, way too hot for words and guaranteed to stay in mind for a while.

Check out the video and the gallery of images from the new 2(X)IST swimwear campaign to get a feel of what the 2014 line of swimwear from 2(X)IST is all about. Which of the new looks is your favorite? Did you love seeming them wet and in motion in the video? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Video/Photo Credit: 2(X)IST

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