Show Your Prize In The Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Briefs And Comfort Boxers

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy

The Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Briefs ($19.93) and Comfort Boxers ($22.93) are for a special breed of guy. A great guy. A swell guy. A well hung guy.

The Trophy Boy briefs and boxers are designed specifically with an extra roomy pouch. There’s no secret padding or extra lining, and the looks themselves provide the lift and support you need. With more space and package enhancement built into the overall design, you’ll have more room for your prized possession.

The Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Briefs and Comfort Boxer are made from a cool and supple fabric blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They’ll have enough tug to keep you snug without pinching or forcing you to make constant readjustments.

The lining around the legs is in a great contrasting blue and the waistband in hot pink, with the Andrew Christian name right across. The pouch has wide seams that run down the middle of your hip and bring structure without restriction. The backside on the briefs is seamless and on the comfort boxers there is no backside at all, so you’ll get that comfortable airy feel without losing that wonderful touch of brief fronts.

The Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Briefs and Comfort Boxers are limited edition and come in yellow with blue lining and a hot pink super soft waistband. Both looks come in sizes XS-XL

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian