Rushing With The Andrew Christian Initiation Uncensored Video



Are you thinking of pledging a fraternity? Maybe you have pledged before? Did you ever think of joining one the likes of the one shown in the new Andrew Christian Initiation Uncensored video? Maybe you just wish there was one like that in college?

The Andrew Christian Initiation Uncensored video features designer Andrew Christian, 2013 Model Contest Winner Jake Houser, and models Topher DiMaggio, Cory Zwierzynski, and Pablo Hernandez. Also in the video, featuring the song “Frat Boy” by The Peasants, are’s Max Carter, Levi Karter, Levi Michaels, Duncan Black, Ricky Roman And Tayte Hanson. Andrew Christian super fans Zach Lee and Seth Knight make an appearance as well.

A description for the video reads, “When we were conceiving this video we gathered all the former frat boys that now work for Andrew Christian and virtually everything that is in this video was taken from their actual experiences being frat boys.”

Check out the video below. Which was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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Video Credit: Jeff White

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