The Mosmann M-Series, Modal Made For You


M is for “modal.” That’s good enough for us. Modal, modal, modal. You think we’re in love with the Mosmann M-Series? How could we not be? This summer has proven to be pretty hot, and when it comes to high temperatures, we know that modal is the best fabric around. Mosmann has put out an entire line of modal blended underwear, and it includes several shapes and styles.

Whether you’re slipping into the Sierra Briefs (28.95 AUD) or Boxers (29.95 AUD) in blue or green camouflage, or Mohave, Denim or Laguna Boxers (28.95, 28.95, 29.95 AUD) you’ll feel the cool comfort that is a guarantee with fabric that is 93% modal and 7% lycra. The lycra, of course gives the underwear just enough torque to hold tight to your skin without pinching, bunching, or doing away with all the good work the Mosmann M-Series sets out to accomplish in terms of comfort.

The waistbands on all the look share similar qualities. They have a metallic sheen on a 4 centimeter wide band that sits firmly on the hips. And the humbly designed logo is a simple ‘M’ just off to the side. Both the boxers and briefs have contoured pouches that follow the lines of your inner thigh and a center seam that allows for just enough breathing room around you. It’s all about keeping cool this summer, and the Mosmann M-Series has the stuff to make it happen.

The Mosmann M-Series collection is available in sizes S-XL.

Have you worn modal before? Can anyone ever do it better than the Mosmann M-Series?  Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert

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Photo Credit: Mosmann

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