The Mosmann Luxe Collection Is So Lushly Luxurious


For everyone else it’s called luxury, but for those smart enough to wear the Mosmann Luxe Collection, it’s just Luxe. That’s the word for when you feel so comfortable you can’t fully form words. And believe us, when you’re draped in the 95% modal and 5% lycra fabric blend of this collection, you will definitely be at a loss for words.

The Mosmann Luxe Collection features various briefs (29.95 AUD) and two styles of boxers: plain toned (29.95 AUD) and patterned (31.95 AUD). All the looks feature a 40 MM waistband that sits just below the hips. It’s wide enough to keep the looks up and soft enough to feel like the cool kiss of fresh air. The stitching is in simple white contrast, and there’s an elegant lateral stripe across the bottom just above the seat. Mosmann can brag about their quality but they never do it about their name; the company logo is casually placed to the side of the hip in a small tag.

The color schemes are bright and eye-catching, and range from heavy patterning like the Neon, to a zig-zag stripe like on the Teepee. The color blocked, single tone boxer briefs offer a slight difference in color choices. Black is not black, it’s noir. And green is vert. The classy, French names indicate a classy palate.

No matter which look you decide to go with, you can expect a well-tailored pouch that provides stitched support up your inner thigh and a center seam to give just enough lift to let your skin breath. The backside has seams, but they are hidden well and are never seen up the center. There is just some strong stitching below the under carriage to ensure support and a perfect lift.

The Mosmann Luxe Collection comes in the variety of colors shown below and is available in sizes S-XL.

Are you so posh you abbreviate words? Luscious is lush, luxurious is luxe. What are some more? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Mosmann

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