How Many Pairs In The Mack Weldon Numbers Pack?

Mack Weldon Numbers Packs

With the Mack Weldon Numbers Packs you’ll have no problem counting out your pairs of underwear and having them ready for wear or wash on a rolling basis. The Mack Weldon Numbers Packs come in three groups: 3 x 3 Briefs – which includes 3 briefs, 3 x 3 Trunks – which includes 3 trunks, and 5 x 5 Briefs – which includes 5 briefs.

Good things come in 3’s, and there are 5 days a week. Put those together and the Mack Weldon Numbers Packs give you underwear at the ready 11 days a week. And we’re pretty sure that’s the original title of The Beatle’s Classic.

Each group of Mack Weldon Numbers Packs comes with pre-picked colors delivered to you in a stylish canvas bag emblazoned with the Mack Weldon name printed across the front. The 3 x 3 trunks come in Cloud Burst, True Black, and Bright White.The 3 x 3 briefs come in Cendre Blue, True Black, and Bright White. The 5 x 5 briefs come in Bright White, Tyrian Purple, Blue Night, Bleecker Blue, and Cendre Blue.

All three looks within the Mack Weldon Numbers Pack have a mildly contoured front and the briefs contain a side fly for easy access. The waistband is a soft elastic, medium in size, with the Mack Weldon signature on them and a single blue racing strop across the top. The overall look is classic, but the packaging is thinking far ahead, and a great touch.

The Mack Weldon Numbers Packs come in the colors listed above and in sizes S – XXL

With 11 days a week of underwear, what do you plan on doing each day? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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