How The Malebasics Classic Collection Updates The Basics


You probably don’t really remember what underwear¬†used to be like. So before we talk about all the ways that The Malebasics Classic Collection has upped the ante, let’s go back in time with a little educational radio segment we dug up from the archives.



After listening to that little doozy, all we can say is thank god for the Malebasics Classic Collection. Each one of the looks in the line has 7% lycra woven into the cotton blend. After listening to this advertisement it’s like they’ve woven the future right into the blend.

When it comes to modern design the Malebasics Classic Collection has made sure to update just about everything. There’s no more Y front in the design, instead you get a robustly contoured pouch with a center seam. Seems that Malebasics got wise to the fact that the Y fly was nowhere near as easy as tugging down the waistband.

Speaking of waistband, all the looks in the classic collection have the wide and stylish waistband that sits just below the hips. It’s enough to peek out of your pants but not enough to make you feel like your grandpa. And the soft material (with the logo proudly displayed) will never leave you marked up.

Lastly we think it’s important to mention how far underwear tech really has come. The Malebasics classic collection offers more than just briefs. There are boxer briefs, and trunks as well, all part of what we consider to be the basic underwear of today.

That old vintage ad may have supposed the times were a changing, but they had no idea it would be The Malebasics Classic Collection leading the charge.

The Malebasic Classic Collection is available in black, grey, blue, and red and in various sizes from S-XL.

Do you own any classic pairs of underwear? Where’d you get them and would you replace them with these? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting¬†@underwearexpert.

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