Make You Wanna Jump, Jump In The Andrew Christian Jumper Jock

Andrew Christian Jumper Jock

Success knows best, and when it comes to the Andrew Christian Jumper Jock ($19.93), this iconic underwear brand has done it again. Andrew Christian takes the typical jock and bumps it up a notch – better yet, jumps it up – leaps and bounds.

Let’s start with the fabric. The Andrew Christian Jumper Jock is 93% rayon from Bamboo and 7% spandex. This means a comfortable and cool feel that still clings to your frame and gives great support. The pouch plays a big part in making the Jumper Jock stand out. It is anatomically designed to give you the room required for an active lifestyle. The lining is designed with space left between the waistband and the sides of the pouch so you can show a little skin, feel the cool air, and still feel completely controlled.

Like all jocks, the Andrew Christian Jumper Jock has the lift and support capabilities for your backside so your butt will look and feel it’s best. The waistband is medium wide in an eye catching gold with the Andrew Logo brand name stitched across in simple, thin lettering. It sits on the hips, high enough so that it can peak out from your pants for a tasty little bit of eye-catching fun.

The Andrew Christian Jumper Jock comes in royal blue or black and is available in sizes XS-XL.

With a name like ‘Jump’ we wonder what kind of jumping you’d do in it. Basketball? Concert moshing? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

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