The Lupo Termica Series Will Put You Under Pressure (da da da dadada)

Lupo Termica Series

Come on, you know David Bowie and Freddy Mercury would totally wear these shirts, if they exercised by running instead of just leaving blood, sweat, and tears on the stage. But that’s exactly what the Lupo Termica Series, which includes three specifically styled compression shirts made out of polyamide, aims to do.

The Lupo Termica Run Compression Tank ($24.99) is a sleeveless look. It’s a micro modal blend that provides incredible light wear for swimming, running, or other sports. It has thermal properties built in to keep your internal temperatures balanced, no matter how hot you get (or look). It has been structured anatomically to give support where support is needed, and quickly wicks your sweat and smell away.

The Termica i-Power Short Sleeve Shirt ($26.99) is a well-designed member of the Lupo Termica Series. This shirt has been designed to suit a male’s upper anatomy and contains microfibers that absorb then wick away sweat while keeping odors at bay. It’s a shirt made for working out hard and you will smell. Keeping that concealed is the work the shirt does so you can focus on kicking butt. This shirt also has no tag, so no annoying scratching when you’re pushing it to the max. It is designed to be worn under other clothing in colder weather or on its own in the hotter months.

The Termica Run Long Sleeve Compression Shirt ($34.99) is the doctor of the group. Designed to remove microbes while keeping you dry this microfiber shirt provides extra support to keep your muscles from straining while you work out. It has been clinically proven that a compression shirt like this one will help reduce injury time and keep you in tip top shape while still looking good!

All three looks in the Lupo Termica Series of compression shirts come in navy and white. The tank also has black and grey and the t-shirt has a dark green option. They are all available in sizes S-XL

If you could wear a compression shirt for any of the following activities which would you choose: Marathon foot race, tour de France, or swimming the English Channel? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexper

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