Kickstart The Heath Paine Antimicrobial Dress Sock

Socks should be taken as seriously as any other article of clothing. Too often guys resign to wearing a basic sock without much regard to its function, or whether it’s more casual or stylish. And while antimicrobial and moisture-wicking materials have become standard for athletic wear, they are seldom seen in dress socks. Which makes little sense when you think about it, because people sweat to some degree every day. Chance Heath and Manton Paine realized this problem themselves, and that is where Heath Paine got its start. 38YF1WVjUyhz8wVMlr0dHKIDJ2GjMxuhsaWqmPKOgQ8 Heath Paine is a company that currently offers antimicrobial dress socks. Their patterns, manufacturer, and prototypes are already lined up and ready. But that is where Heath Paine calls in your help. In order to meet manufacturer costs, Heath Paine created a Kickstarter. The pledge deadline still has about 2 weeks left, and the guys are getting close to making their goal. As well as getting the world into their fashionable and functioning socks. “As best friends with an affinity for athletics and a penchant for panache — we became frustrated that our favorite clothing items with innovative fabrics felt too casual for business and social settings,” says Manton Paine. “We decided to set out on merging style and comfort with groundbreaking fabrics, by starting out with an American-made antimicrobial dress sock with a distinct flare.”

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The Heath Paine Antimicrobial Dress Sock uses the same antimicrobial technology as NASA and the military to keep your feet odorless throughout the day, whether it is spent at the office or a classy dive bar. But the coolest thing about these socks, and the most unique, is their use of silver ions in their fabrics. The silver, as a natural element, breaks down bacteria and fungus, inhibiting their growth. “Our bold designs don’t stink, our domestic quality/materials doesn’t don’t stink either, but the best part about these socks is that they literally don’t stink,” Paine said. “By weaving silver into the construction of the sock, they are naturally antimicrobial, meaning they’ll keep you comfortable and odor-free, whether it’s a 9-5 or 5-9.”


Once Heath Paine’s Kickstarter reaches its goal, the socks will begin to be manufactured. And depending on how much help you give the guys at Heath Paine, you get some awesome rewards. For a pledge of $22, you can an early bird pair of socks sent to your door. For $130, you get 6 pairs, 2 limited edition shirts, and decals. But for $500, get this, you are treated to a vineyard tour of Napa and Sonoma for 3. That is in addition to your 6 pairs of socks and 2 shirts. And then for $1,000, you receive 8 pairs of Heath Paine antimicrobial dress socks,  2 shirts, and a San Francisco evening for two with a waterfront dinner and cocktails at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Clearly, the guys at Heath Paine have the right ideas when it comes to style and class.

“Socks are just our ‘foot in the door.’  We aim to take the same silver lining approach and spread it throughout other clothing items we love, like polos, sweaters, and underwear,” Chance Heath added. “In our minds, silver is the new BOLD standard, from the boardroom to the bar.”

Heath Paine Antimicrobial Dress Sock

How thrilled are you to see dress socks that are also antimicrobial? Are you eagerly awaiting for your Heath Paine socks to come in the mail? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Video and Photo Credit: Heath Paine

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