Joe Snyder Dazzling Collection Gets Glitzy


Forget being in the spotlight. With the Joe Snyder Dazzling Collection, you are the spotlight. You’re the star, the diamond, the disco ball. The new collection is all about that glittering, mirrored fabric. It is a blend of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane that is form-fitting, and if you hadn’t noticed, dazzling.The collection includes a stunning 14 look, most of them available in purple, pink, blue, red, or black. The black is sexy, of course. But the colors have more fun. And if you really want these babies to shine, take them to the beach. They also double as swimwear.

The Joe Snyder Dazzling Collection would be perfect for a night out at the club, shaking your butt with flashy undies peaking out from your pants. There is a boxer, cheek boxer, and mini cheek (29.22) that all provide more coverage, comparatively, while still showing plenty of skin. The bikini, thong, bikini clip, bikini capri and jock strap ($24.81) are looks you know, but in this fabric you want to know better. The jock even has a sexy cut out at the top of the cup.

The kini, bodysuit, and bul-bikini ($27.56) are some of the wildest of the bunch. The body suit is practically a pouch with shoes that wrap around your body, oh so revealing! Finally, there is also the hilo ($20.40) and the bul-boxer ($31.43). The bul-boxer could be the Joe Snyder Dazzling Collection’s personal star. The cut is super sexy, and lets a little booty show. The hilo, on the other hand, is a g-string, and lets all your booty show.

Looks in the Joe Snyder Dazzling Collection all run in sizes S-XL, but this glitzy line is selling fast. Certain looks may be available in just a few sizes.

Check out the gallery below to see more of the joe Snyder Dazzling Collection. Which of the many looks is your personal favorite? Are you ready to go out and dazzle? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Joe Snyder

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