Hit The High Seas in The Aussiebum Lagoon Swim Briefs


Raise the sails and set off for adventure in The aussieBum Lagoon Swim Briefs ($40.82). These lance hugging swim briefs are made from 80% nylon and 20% cotton and will most definitely call out your inner swashbuckler.

Before we get into more of the details let’s talk about the one very noticeable thing that makes these swimmers stand out. It’s not the color blocking design. It’s not the high thighs. It’s that awesome complimentary side tie. You’ll feel like Errol Flynn (if Errol Flynn were hot, sexy, and actually still alive in 2014). It’s the kind of look that says, “I just stole a chest of gold dubloons and now I’m going to swing a sword at this rope and get pulled all the way up to the crow’s nest while laughing ruggedly.” You know what we mean?

The aussieBum Lagoon Swim Brief is also innovative. It’s made from entirely recycled nylon. No fish will get their heads stuck in old swimwear because of aussieBum! And for some reason there’s something about pirates that make us think they had a respect for nature.

There’s no waistband on this hot look, and the overall design is definitely petite, which means for a great tan when the water reflects off the sun. The aussieBum Lagoon is available in several well named color paneled styles and in sizes XS-XL.

Forget your parrot, your hat, and leave most of your clothes behind. This summer all you’ll need is the aussieBum Lagoon Swim Brief (and maybe some rum… obviously).

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