#HappySocks: The Happy Socks Instagram Round Up

Happy Socks Instagram

By now you know how much fun Happy Socks is. The brand has become known for it’s bright colors and wild designs, which peak from cuffs and shoes the world over. Uptight businessmen and laid-back hipsters all seem to have something in common: Happy Socks. And there is clearly no better place to show off their awesome collections then on Instagram. In our Happy Socks Instagram Round Up, we present some pics from the company, some from users, and all of them as bright and fun as we hoped they would be.

1. Good Old-Fashioned Color!


Putting Happy Socks together is like arranging a bouquet. All the colors of the rainbow, laid out on display remind us that life is a bowl of cherries. Stop and smell the flowers, or an arrangement of Happy Socks.

2. Filter! Filter! Filter!


When it comes to Instagram, choosing the right filter can make any picture stand out. Happy Socks doesn’t hold back on Instagram, showing us all kinds of great balancing between color and greyscale that makes each sock pop, and changes the way we see the world around us one vintage filter at a time.

3.  All Good Things Come In Pairs


Each foot needs a sock. 2 feet = 2 socks. It’s the most basic equation of all, especially since socks come in pairs. The Happy Socks Instagram Round Up revealed a lot of great photos of the colorful tootsie covers in great locations, sharing moments with their friends. It’s like Happy Socks double dating.

4. There Is No Such Thing As A Crowd


Get a group of friends together in Happy Socks and what you’ll have is an wild explosion of color. It’s probably why there are so many Happy Socks group photos on their Instagram feed. It’s just too great and fun to pass up taking a photo of!

5. The Artist’s Way


Let’s be honest, is there even a brand more appropriate for fashion photographer David Lachapelle (above) than Happy Socks? It’s like all the color palettes he’s been using his entire career just arrived and were printed onto Happy Socks.

And when it comes to fan art, these two head shots (below) show us how to think outside the box (or above the feet) when it comes to Happy Socks bragging.


6.  Happy Socks: Nature


Spend some time on the Happy Socks Instagram feed and you’ll see that shots of Happy Socks in nature are a big deal. The socks themselves are so colorful, but they really help us understand how wonderfully colorful the world at large is.

7. Happy Socks: Urban


Of course our Happy Socks Instagram Round Up showed us that they also look equally great in the city. Happy Socks are so vibrant, they just had to hit the streets after the great outdoors.

8. Happy Socks Iconography


When people walk down the street and see a pair of brightly designed socks sticking out from someone’s pants or shoes  the almost immediately think of Happy Socks. So what better way to hint at such iconic style than to post some Instagram shots of Happy Socks and VW busses? It totally works, right?

9. Happy Socks Stores Around The World


These three images of Happy Socks Stores around the world are all over their Instagram. Happy Socks is based out of Sweden (far right), but has great shops in NYC (center), and Tokyo (left) as well. And that’s only the beginning. Happy Socks is bent on world domination – albeit colorful … and happy!

10. Well Stacked


And as expected, thanks to the patterning and design styles, Happy Socks stack up real nicely with each other and against the competition. We’ll take as many pairs as possible, please.

Do you follow the Happy Socks instagram feed? If you do have you posted any pictures of your happy feet in Happy Socks? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert

For more information on this brand: Happy Socks

Photo Credit:  Happy Socks, Instagram