Happy Socks Got Me Noticed: 6 Happy Socks Stories

Happy Socks Stories

By now you’re familiar with Happy Socks, the Swedish sock company that was doing bright and fun long before Pharrell danced with glee through a warehouse. But Happy Socks do more than just make your feet happy. Your feet are part of you, so if you’re feet are happy then you can be too. And when you’re happy, people take notice. We’ve culled 6 Happy Socks stories about that very topic.

1. Happy Like Abbey Road


I’ve always loved The Beatles. And of all their albums Abbey Road is my absolute favorite. So much so that almost every time I cross the street I imagine that famous album cover, the four Liverpool greats strutting silently across the street. Of course once the cover pops into my head then the songs start to. And I start singing them to myself. Almost every time I end up crossing the street with a smile on my face, living in a daydream inspired by my favorite album, grinning ear to ear. One particular day I was crossing the street, lost in humming Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. When I came to, I realized I had been walking behind Sir Paul McCartney! Once I stopped hyperventilating I approached and tapped him on the shoulder. I was mid-sentence explaining how much I loved his music when I realized: it wasn’t Paul McCartney at all. I apologized very sheepishly, and walked away. As I passed I heard the anonymous look alike shout out “great looking socks!”

2. Happy To Be Window Gazing


There’s nothing I like more than sitting on the ledge of my apartment window and watching the world go by. It’s a great way to take a break from work (I work from home) and life (which I continually live). I usually sit at my window after lunch, and for the past week the same woman would walk across the street from the laundromat to the bodega on my corner and back. Every day I watched her. One day she saw me gazing and she stopped and looked right back. We held the gaze for a long moment before she lifted up her pant leg to show me she was wearing Happy Socks! What was amazing, was that I was too! So I held my foot out the window and showed her my Happy Socks. Then without being able to actually hear each other we shared a laughing moment, and went back to our lives.

3. Happy At The El Royale


I’m an international traveller. I get to do it for work. Which is perfect because throughout my early life I was a backpacker. So traveling solo especially suits me. Recently I was in L.A. on business and had some downtime, so I decided to do a little adventuring (you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to have an adventure). I generally pack light, but I am always sure to bring Happy Socks with me. I was wearing a pair when I snuck over to the El Royale Hotel and went to check out their pool. It was empty, and the bottom was bright white. I decided I wanted to climb down into it but I didn’t want to scuff up the ground. So slipped off my shoes and slid into the empty pool. I sat there, tanning, thinking, and enjoying myself when I was suddenly greeted by a large smiling face rolling right by me. Apparently the pool is used for skateboarding and apparently I wasn’t the only one wearing Happy Socks. So was the skateboarder!

4. Happy Readings


I love my studio apartment, but it is small. I only have enough room for a bed and a dresser, the hotplate and mini fridge and a few ends and odds. No good reading chair to be found. So I often head over to the local bookstore, find a comfy chair, and pretend I’m reading a book I’ve gotten from their shelves (most of the time I bring my own). I had been doing this for several weeks when the store clerk finally put two and two together. He approached me ready to kick me out. I had one leg up on the other, my Happy Socks showing. He let me stay.

5. Happy In Bed


The first time my boyfriend spent the night it was winter. So we were layered in clothing. Of course this makes disrobing all the more fun. When he got to my rose-patterned Happy Socks, he just had to stop and laugh with absolute glee. It is true: Happy Socks just make people happy!

6. Happy At The El Royale (Part II)


I had the day off and had every intention of enjoying it. I threw on my Happy Socks, shoes, and grabbed my skateboard. I made my way down to my favorite secret skate spot: the unfilled pool at The El Royale Hotel. I was in such a hurry to enjoy a day of skating that I just grabbed my board and hopped down into the pool. I wasn’t expecting a girl to be sitting in the center. Luckily I wasn’t headed straight for her. I passed her in a whoosh. When I saw her socks I couldn’t help but smile. She was also wearing Happy Socks. The kind with dots on them! I rode a little more and she watched me. Finally I stopped. We chatted. Then we went and got coffee together. Best day off ever!

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