A Good Night’s Sleep In The Papi Sleepwear Collection

Papi Sleepwear Collection

With the papi Sleepwear Collection you’ll be sure to stay cool. This line of great sleeping pants ($27) are designed to keep you sweating less, without decreasing your hotness.

The papi Sleepwear Collection features several pants all made from seersucker. For those of you not in the know (and how can you not be, it’s summer for god’s sake) seersucker is a super light, all-cotton fabric that has been puckered to allow for greater comfort, better breathability, and a soft feel. Best of all it absorbs moisture extremely well so those hot summer nights will be a thing of the past.

Each look in the papi Sleepwear Collection is a full-length leg with a 30 34″ inseam so they’ll fit just about anyone without being too small or too baggy. There is a button close fly on the front so you stay in control of being in or out of them, and there are two side pockets, great for tossing in keys or your wallet when you’re spending the day lounging around and have to run to the store. The non-rolling waistband is 3/4’s of an inch wide and contains a simple colored draw string with the papi logo on the ends.

You’ll have nothing but relaxed dreams in these relaxed fit pants from the papi Sleepwear Collection. They are available in several dual tone shades including: navy/blue, navy/yellow, navy/red, black/grey, striped navy, striped blue, and striped teal.

The papi Sleepwear Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

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