GO Green Fit: Shoulder Endurance

A lot of power lifting can take its toll on your shoulders, in a good way. This workout video shows us a routine that is all about shoulder endurance. Our trainer starts out with 7 hang power snatches. He follows these up with 7 push presses and 7 overhead squats. He goes for a total of 10 sets, all performed under a time crunch. This is one intense combination of lifts, but if you have the shoulder endurance to pull it off, you will love that you were able to.

Hang power snatches are one of those lifts that work more parts than you would think. In addition to working your shoulders, hang power snatches also hit your ankles, hips, and knees. The overhead squats, of course, target your legs pretty strongly while you utilize your shoulders. The push press is also one of the best moves you can do, as far as crossfit training in concerned. Push pressed build some serious strength, and tone your core as well as your legs and arms. And, of course, push presses also test your shoulder endurance.

Check out the video to see our trainer in motion, and performing these lifts properly. Which of the three is the easiest, or hardest for you? What do you think of this workout routine? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.