GO Green Fit: Ring Exercises

Ring exercises require a lot of strength and focus. Muscle-ups and ring dips are both impressive moves to execute, especially if you can do them properly. And synchronized. In this Instagram video, our favorite crossfit trainer joins two friends in performing synchronized ring exercises. The real trick to mastering these ring exercises, though, is knowing how to grip the rings, and transition from each phase of each movement.

For muscle-ups, you can practice on an average pull-up bar. You’ll want to start with a false grip, meaning your thumbs are on the top of the bar. Now you pull yourself up, like a pull-up, but you go further by rolling your chest over the bar. This is where you dip. If it helps, thing of the dip as an elevated push-up. Ring dips though are much more challenging than bar dips, because of the stability that is required of your muscles rather than the bar. When at the bottom of the dip, your shoulder should always be lower than your elbows.

Watch the video below to see all three guys performing these ring exercises. What do you think of this combination, and performing these exercises with friends? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.