GO Green Fit: Plyometrics and Powerlifting

In this video, plyometrics and powerlifting exercises are combined for a total body workout that is so intense it could only be crossfit. Box jumps are an explosive movement that will burn in your legs and really test their strength. Powerlifting like this targets your thighs and lower back when done properly, but are beneficial to your entire body. Putting on muscle helps burn fat. Plyometrics and powerlifting together though burn fat and build muscle, especially in your legs.

The combination of plyometrics an powerlifting is are smart one. Plyometrics help get your heart rate elevated, and the way they are demonstrated here would be considered more aerobic than anaerobic. This helps with endurance during the heavy lifting. And in the video, our trainer gets really heavy. He starts with reps of 185. Then 225, then 315. He admits he should’ve saved more energy building up to the 315. So be warned, these are meant to difficult, even for professionals.

Watch the video to see demonstrations of plyometrics and powerlifting. Is the combination one you yourself use? Which do you find more difficult to do? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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