GO Green Fit: Obliques

For this fitness update we get to see exercises that workout our obliques. Obliques are the lower sides of your core. If you are overweight, they’re the love handles. Or if you are able to keep up with our favorite crossfit trainer in this routine, they are the arguable the sexiest part of your waist. In the video, our trainer demonstrates GHD sit-ups and winshield wipers.

The ‘GHD’ stands for glute-ham developer, but do not let that confuse you into thinking that these move targets your legs. It does, but your abs also get a great workout too. These kinds of sit-ups allow your core to fully extend, and because of that, performing GHD sit-ups requires a strong core. Windshield wipers are done by keeping your core parallel to the ground and your legs perpendicular. Keeping your core up and twisting is what targets your obliques. Some variations have you doing this on your back, but hanging windshield wipers are much more difficult. And the harder the exercise, the better the results will be.

Watch the video to see demonstrations of GHD sit-ups and windshield wipers for a core workout that hits your obliques. What other exercises do you know of that target the obliques? Does your routine look similar to the one in the video? Let us know in the comments below, or you can tweet us @underwearexpert.


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