GO Green Fit: More Body Strength

Our reliable crossfit trainer has posted another video to his Instagram, and he is still on that body strength kick. Each exercise in this set — wall balls, burpees, and muscle ups — are all great at building up strength and working just about your entire body. Ironically,¬†each of these exercises is commonly hated and loved by gym rats. They are all difficult to do, and will definitely put some pain in your muscles. But like everyone says: no pain, no gain. And what you gain from these exercises will keep you returning to them.

Burpees without a doubt work your entire body, and are great for increasing your endurance. Stupid name aside, they are no joke and can improve your overall fitness rapidly if you add them to your routine. Wall balls also work a lot of your body, the lower parts especially while you squat, and more of your core as your unload the pressure in your legs with an explosive movement before throwing and catching the ball. And then muscle ups, of course, take a toll on your upper body.

This is one hell of a workout trio. But don’t imagine the pain, imagine the success.

Check out the gallery below to see how our go-to trainer performs all three of these exercise to improve his body strength. Do you think you could handle this deadly combination? Or do you combine these at the gym and feel alive? Tell us about it in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.