GO Green Fit: Kipping Pull-Ups

This video shows part of a workout routine that combines 3 different exercises. Our favorite crossfit trainer combines muscle-ups, pull-ups, and kipping pull-ups. Kipping pull-ups are something our trainer doesn’t perform as much as the other two movements. Kipping pull-ups are definitely an intense exercise to execute, but the benefits are great and worth it.

Each consecutive exercise in this routine is easier than the last. The reason for this is that our trainer can push himself even further which each exercise. So ending with kipping pull-ups is a smart idea. Essentially, kipping pull-ups are an easier variation of a pull-up because they allow you to kick. But because our trainer is able to perform more reps of these, it is a good way to round out the routine.

Have you ever performed kipping pull-ups? If so, how many can you do? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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