GO Green Fit: More Core Combos

This crossfit trainer on Instagram that we also refer to pairs a lot of exercises together to keep his body working, and to achieve different result. In this video, he paurs ring dips and toes-to-bars for a core combo that is quick and effective. Ring dips work your shoulders in addition to your core. And similarly, toes-to-bars work out your hips. Which, if you are an avid crossfit fan, you know is a crucial part of your body to make strong.

This core combo is done with a lot of speed. In the video, our trainer does 25 ring dips in 36 seconds. That is a good way to not only put one hell of a burn in your muscles, but to also get your heart rate elevated. After that he does a set of 20 toes-to-bars. The combination is a surefire way to get that chiseled set of abs that everyone will be envious of.

What do you think of this core combo of exercises? What do you like to do to get closer to your 6-pack abs? Tell us what you think in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.